AutoCAD for Civil Engineer

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About Course

Have you been looking for a course that will narrow down AutoCAD to civil engineering professional? Enroll in this and learn civil engineering practice using AutoCAD.

What is this course is all about?

After taking civil engineering students on structural design for a long time, I realized that students with little knowledge in using AutoCAD to edit their structural drawings hardly do well in my structural design and detailing courses, as they learn how to usually learn AutoCAD from Architect and others.  Therefore, I created this course to give civil/structural engineers, exactly what they needed in AutoCAD to improve them professionally.

Why you should take this course?

  • We make it very simple and easy to learn
  • You get to see the application of every knowledge to real civil engineering projects
  • You get to see any updates on this course in the future.
  • You have the opportunity to learn from an experienced civil engineer.
  • The knowledge of AutoCAD is important and the first thing to learn for you to become a professional civil engineer.

Gbenga: “I took this AutoCAD training class. The session was very comprehensive and educative. The tutorial was simple and precise.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Learn Application to Real Civil Engineering Projects
  • Learn all necessary AutoCAD commands with the advance use of each of them
  • Learn how to create, modify and alter objects
  • Learn all about AutoCAD settings and customizations
  • Create proper dimension and annotations
  • How tp organize the drawing like a PRO
  • All about layouts and Viewports manipulations
  • Creating reusable objects
  • Sharing and Importing files

Course Content

Introduction to AutoCAD for Civil Engineers

  • AutoCAD working environment
  • Working with AutoCAD files and extensions
  • How to use a mouse
  • AutoCAD status bar

Display and Customizing

Creating drawing/Objects

Objects Manipulation

Objects Alteration

Drawing Organization (Organize like a Pro)

Properties and Hatching

Annotation and Dimensioning

Reusable Objects

Working with layout

Sharing and importing files

Ending the Course

Course Project